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J & J Logistics
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Licensed - Bonded - Insured
U.S.DOT No.3081140 MC-66777-B

For over 10 years, J & J Logistics and our network of drivers have been providing the kind of personalized service you demand when shipping your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, RV or heavy construction equipment.


I just want to thank you and your staff, especially Sherrie, for assisting with the safe transport of our vehicle. It was handled promptly and efficiently, by competent distributors. Everything went exactly as Sherrie described the process and we received the car without difficulty or damage. I was enormously pleased with your cost, timeliness, and careful handling. Thank you very much for your service and help.

Judy Palmer

Actually received a call from the driver about an hour after I sent the message and the car was delivered that night. The service and speed I received was unbelievable! To place an order on Saturday and receive my car on Tuesday from Arkansas to Michigan is just awesome. Best shipping I have experienced and I have shipped a few cars in the past. Thanks a bunch!

K. Wesley Lehman

I just want to thank you for the excellent and prompt service you offered. I called twice to request information on the status of my car and I received very fast reply. I received the car in excellent condition and the driver was so great willing to arrange the appropriate time to get my car at the door. I can only be thankful. I would recommend it to everyone.

Jorge F.

This is the first time I have moved my vehicle this way. I was kind of scared at first not knowing much about how it works but they explained everything in detail how it all works. My car was delivered a a day late because of weather but the team more than made up for it with their communication. Thanks again!

Joselyn F.

I would like to again thank you and your staff for all of your hard work. This is my fourth shippment with your company and the transaction has again been flawless!!! Generally, in this country, a car is the second largest investment someone will make. It is nice to know that J & J Logistics is looking out for our “investments” and ensuring their safe delivery. If anyone ever requests to speak with a past client, for a reference, please feel free to have them call me and I will be glad to speak with them, and assure them that J & J Logisitics is #1…. Thank You Jeff L. for always being there for any question just about any time. I could not believe he gave me his personal cellphone number and even at 11:00 P.M he was there for me. Thank you again for all of your help.

Eric Winokur

Overall, I feel that the level of service was very good, especially for the money. In terms of communication, I felt like we got off to a slow start. However, Alex quickly adjusted to my own comfort level in this regard. The car was picked up on Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday night. However, the car was still delivered to me Thursday evening. The driver had originally estimated a 6pm delivery but I actually took possession of the car at 10pm which was understandable due to a previous delivery and unforeseen delays due to road construction, etc. Both Alex and the driver were polite and professional. In my opinion, well worth looking into if you need to have a vehicle transported.

Estelle Powell

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for the courteous and prompt manner in which you guided me through the process of arranging transport for my vehicle. The fact that this car is not the most expensive nor rare did not detract one bit from the way that you made me feel during my conversation this morning. I started out with no small amount of apprehension about shipping a car with a company that, up until we spoke, I knew nothing about. And that is on top of having just finishing a bid process whereby I buy a car sight unseen. There was no shortage of angst on my part, but you folks made the whole deal very enjoyable and at the conclusion, I was convinced that our new car could not be in any better hands. As a result of the manner in which you treated me, I will go out of my way to recommend your firm to anyone who may have a need to ship a vehicle and you have me as a client always. Thank you again!

Don Bergman

I would just like to thank you for an excellent job in moving my car cross country. I will be using you again in the future, and have recommended you to others that will be moving cars shortly. Once again it was a pleasure to do business with you, and thanks again.

Brian P.

Most of the time people take the time to write a complaint letter. I am very happy with your service so far so I thought I would write and tell you. In today’s world where mediocre service is the norm your company has proved your commitment to customer service is far above that of your competitors. I have not received my car yet but I felt compelled to write this email and commend J & J Logistics for the job well done thus far. Here are some points I would like to make. Your dispatcher upgraded my car’s transportation, at no extra cost, to an enclosed transporter. My car is a rare SS Camaro Convertible with only 4,000 miles and is perfect in every way. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her concern for my cars safety. When the seller of the car was a little on the uncooperative side your agents offered to pick the car up where it was at the sellers residence. Again at no extra cost to me. The seller of the car called me after the car was picked up and mentioned how professional the driver was and how he moved cars off the transporter to put my car in the best location for it’s long ride to Oregon. When I heard that I felt reassured I had chosen the right company to move my car. Your driver didn’t waste any time. The car was picked up in Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday evening and was in Watsonville, California Saturday afternoon. Great Job! Thank you again for all you folks have done for me. I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone who asks.

Brian Hewgill

I want to personally let you know how pleased I am with the service your company provided. My 1986 Corvette which I fondly call “My Baby” was picked up on 25 May. James signed for the vehicle today in North Carolina. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived and James tells me that it is in perfect condition!! I am so pleased with your company that I plan to tell every military person that I come in contact with what a great company you are. Thanks again!

Bev Miller

My experience began in May when I first communicated with Alex. I wasn’t ready for the shipment of my 1967 Mustang until September, but when I was ready….he was ready. Because of my Classic Mustang I was very happy to be able to have an enclosed carrier for just $100 more. Kris was the driver, and he arrived when he was supposed to and the trip to Florida just took 24 hours. Kris was a very pleasant young man. Alex kept in contact during the waiting time and came through when I was ready for the car to be shipped. He would return my calls in a timely fashion. I would recommend this company and Alex….also Kris the driver.

Joann Linthicum

Your sales office was most informative. They provided me with quick quote as well as followed up on my intended shipping date. I found the overall service outstanding. The pick up date was delayed once but the vehicle was promptly picked up on the second scheduled date. I was informed of the delay in good and timely manner. The vehicle arrived on time and in good condition.


It has been a pleasure dealing with you for the past 2 years and I would recommend you to any of my customers. I’ve never gotten a complain from any of the customers that you have moved for us but on the other hand we gotten more customers to move with you by how great you treat our customer thank you for working with us and we will be using again love ya!

Alex Zepeda

My original driver failed to show and Sean came to my aid. He got a transport for me right away and I was able to still leave on time. I highly recommend Sean who made sure everything worked out for me. I felt I was dealing with a friend, not just a dispatcher. in short, the service was superior!!!!!

Connie Johnson

My experience with J & J was excellent. From getting a quote (which was the least expensive of all the quotes I received), to the treatment of my sister, and the courteousness and efficiency of the accounting department (had to have a check returned which was promptly done), and the dealing with me and consoling me by my charming sales representative, Nicole, every time I telephoned, to the timelyness of getting my vehicle to me, was it a pleasure dealing with J & J. I will definitely refer to you guys anyone I know moving a vehicle.

Aaron B.

Working with J & J was excellent. They were very prompt with communication and answers to questions. We had some issues with getting the car ready for the first pick-up, but Sean was able to reschedule very quickly. The transporter that came was also very considerate and accommodating. He gave me a 15-minute delivery window and was there when he said. I would definitely recommend and use J & J again!

Dean S.

I had the pleasure to have a wonderful person guiding through the whole process of my car transport. My embark port was San Juan, Puerto Rico and delivered to Killeen, Texas. The whole process was stressful and nerve wrecking but NOT because of the company, but for the government regulations itself. Jeff was available to answer my questions every day of the week, no matter at what time. My schedule was completely different from his, besides the time difference, he always called me or text me with every detail. He was so kind and understood my situation regarding time frame to drop off the car in San Juan (my brother only had one day to do it) and Alex worked the whole weekend in my case to make sure my brother was able to drop the car on time. I am so glad that I chose this company and to have the support that I needed through the process. Not only they were the most affordable company, but the best in customer service. Jeff, you deserve to be promoted. Your bedside manners and excellent customer skills speaks from themselves.

Dr. Kristina Ramirez

I would recommend Jeff with J & J to anyone who needs to ship anything. Jeff gave me his personal cell phone number and said I can call anytime for any reason. If I got his voice mail he called me back in less than 20 minutes.

Michael R.

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for taking such good care of our customers. Whenever anyone has an automotive move as part of their household move, I don’t hesitate to give them your number – in all the time that I’ve been sending them to you, I have yet to have a customer call me back and tell me that they had a poor experience. You know that the moving industry relies heavily on word of mouth, so I’m happy to continue referring business to you.

Paul Mercer

My Lexus arrived in Germany ahead of schedule thanks to your capable staff and your international connections. I value your reliability and respect your efficiency. Thanks again!

John Henderson

Our family sedan arrived safely, along with my vintage motorcyle. We are more than satisfied with your service and will recommend it.

David K. Farnsworth

Your Military POV shipping services to Hawaii were both punctual and precise. The employees were friendly and professional. Thank you.

Douglas Pike

JPS was extremely professional, knowledgable,and courteous. I felt very confident from the very begining with Sean and he delivered. I will definitly highly recommend this company to anyone!

Scott Bragg

I’m glad to have chosen a reputable and well run firm to work with for my needs! Thanks!

Eric S.

Thank You Jeff for your great service and always being there.

Alex D.

Just wanted you to know that the car arrived last Friday, the 29th with no problems. The driver was very nice and patient with driving directions! Thanks for your fine service and Happy Holidays!

Bernadette Z.

Thanks for your help and for all your small move referrals – keep up the excellent work!

Aaron Brynen

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